Xi Jinping tells the principal responsible person what to do in the reform

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“How do you fling the tap and how do you swing the tail?” The leading comrades in charge of the Party and the government are leading the cause of reform in their fields or departments, and they are the “critical minorities” that determine the success or failure of the reform. What should they do to deepen the reform in an all-round way? How to catch it?请随“学习中国”小编一起倾听习近平总书记和他主持的中央深改组会议怎么说。

The picture shows that the third plenary meeting of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing from 9 to 12 November 2013. The plenary session was chaired by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, and Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee, made an important speech.

I. grasp the train of thought

Thought decides the way out. Only by recognizing the strategic intention of the reform and the key points to be grasped, can we have the overall situation in mind and fall behind accurately. The main responsible comrades should play a leading role in researching and reforming ideas, fully integrate the actual situation of their own departments in the region, sort out clues, distinguish priorities and priorities, define objectives, and be the backbone of reform. At the 33rd meeting of the Central Committee’s deep restructuring, it was pointed out that “the main responsible comrades should grasp the train of thought, coordinate various reform tasks, lead us to work out plates, clear the way and open up the other side together, and be personally responsible for the reform tasks which are difficult to tackle, have a wide range of influence and are closely related to the common people.”

Set the plate.In order to deepen the reform in an all-round way, the whole Party has top-level design, and all levels should make good plans and set plates in accordance with local conditions. Xi Jinping pointed out that “the main responsible comrades at all levels should consciously plan to promote reform from the overall perspective, be realistic and pragmatic, start and finish well, do good work, take the right direction, dare to assume responsibility, and do their work personally and earnestly.” Deepening reform in an all-round way is a complex systematic project. Reforms in Party building, economy, politics, culture, society and ecology are closely linked and intermingled. Reforms in any field will affect other fields, but also need close cooperation from reforms in other fields. The main responsible comrades should lead the members of the team, make overall consideration, comprehensive demonstration and scientific decision-making, and do a good job in the overall design plan of the reform. Xi Jinping pointed out: “We should put the quality of the program first, adhere to problem orientation, grasp the problem, develop prescriptions and improve measures. Every reform measure should have clear connotation, clear direction and solve problems, so as to facilitate grassroots understanding and implementation. We should make a good job of the main idea and key points of the reform plan, put the internal links of relevant reforms in line with the reality and refine them, so as to make the requirements of various reforms take root in the ground.

Clear the way.Comrades in charge of reform should grasp the steering wheel and clearly grasp the objectives, requirements and priorities of reform. We should take the first step in learning and comprehending the spirit of the Central Committee. The documents and opinions of the superiors must be carefully read and speculated word by word so as to find out “why”, “what” and “how to do”, and accurately and comprehensively grasp the strategic intention of deepening reform. We should proceed from the facts, understand the situation thoroughly, understand the external situation, grasp the internal situation, be good at combining the spirit of the superiors, the stone of other mountains and the local reality, grasp the essence and key of the problem, and strive to “accurately” work ideas, work measures, and work standards.

Open up the other side.Major leading comrades should devote themselves to finding the “focus”, grasping the “key points”, insisting on prescribing drugs according to the symptoms and defining the target, opening a lock with a key, and formulating solid prescriptions for the “pain points”, “difficulties” and “blocking points” in the reform. Xi Jinping pointed out: “Whatever is harmful to the Party and the people’s cause, we should resolutely reform, thoroughly reform, without delay.”

II. Emphasizing Investigation and Research

Investigation and research is one of the basic skills to do a good job in leadership. Without investigation, there will be no voice, let alone decision-making power. Major leading comrades should conduct investigations throughout the whole process of reform so as to have a clear idea of the important situations, contradictions and expectations of the masses. They should thoroughly inquire into the effectiveness of the reform measures and grasp the facts. The thirty-third meeting of the central Restructuring Commission pointed out: “we need to focus on investigation and research, not only to find out what problems we need to solve, but also to find solutions to the problems from the grassroots and the masses. We must have the bottom line and the spirit of the plan to be taken out, and we should pay attention to tracking and grasping the truth in the process of reform implementation.”

Find out what problems the reform should solve.“If we do not examine the situation under heaven, we will not be able to deal with the things under heaven”. Finding and solving problems is an important goal of the reform. Xi Jinping pointed out: “Our Communists have always been working on revolution, construction and Reform in order to solve China’s practical problems.” Problems exist everywhere and from time to time, but they are big or small, true or false, false or real. Major leading comrades should have a strong sense of problems, always adhere to problem orientation, dare to face up to problems, be good at finding real and real problems, and grasp the initiative to solve them. Xi Jinping emphasized: “What the people care about and expect, what the reform should seize and promote, and bring more sense of gain to the people through the reform.”

Be good at finding solutions to problems from the grass-roots level and the masses.“Those who know what is missing are under the roof, and those who know what is missing are in the grass.” Xi Jinping pointed out: “We should attach importance to investigation and research, insist on keeping our eyes down and footsteps down, and understand what grassroots people think, think and expect, so as to make the reform more grounded.” He emphasized: “Leading cadres should put down their shelves, throw themselves down, go deep into fields and factories and mines, discuss problems with the masses, listen to their voices, appreciate their emotions, feel their suffering, sum up their experience and absorb their wisdom. We should not only listen to the people’s ears, but also listen to the people’s ears. We should not only let the people reflect the situation, but also ask the people to put forward their opinions. Particularly, we should take the initiative to investigate and grasp the most urgent, anxious and resentful problems of the masses. Only in this way can we truly hear the truth, observe the facts, acquire the true knowledge and receive the actual effect.”

III. Promotion

“Although Tao is near, it can’t be impossible; though things are small, they can’t be impossible.” Deepening reform in an all-round way is an unprecedented new undertaking for future generations. It is not only a matter for Party members and cadres, but also for all the people. The main comrades in charge must find the resonance point of the people’s thought, mobilize the enthusiasm of all fronts, gather the wisdom and strength of the masses, and form a vivid situation in which the whole people work together to grasp the reform. At the 33rd meeting of the Central Committee’s deep restructuring, it was pointed out that “we should focus on promoting reform, clarify the rationale for promoting reform, and at the same time pay attention to solving the problem of unification of ideas in implementation, consolidate consensus on reform and form a joint force for reform.”

Reform cannot wait.In order to deepen the reform in an all-round way, we need to act quickly, point accurately and settle down in a real way. We need to start the reform in earnest and do real work. We must start it immediately, implement it one by one in an orderly manner, and make small wins big wins, and make steady progress to a thousand miles. Reform has entered a critical period and a deep-water area. We should dare to chew hard bones, venture into dangerous beaches and open up operations against persistent diseases that have accumulated for many years. We should have the courage and mind to innovate ourselves, jump out of the restrictions, overcome the constraints of departmental interests, and take the initiative to promote reform initiatives. Xi Jinping pointed out that “at the critical moment of reform, the brave win, but the spirit can not be vented. We should grasp the difficulties and make up for the shortcomings. The reforms that have not yet been introduced should be speeded up to make breakthroughs. The reforms that have been introduced should be speeded up to implement.

Prevent inaction.At present, there are still some negative phenomena such as half-hearted, wait-and-see, empty-shout and idle-turn in the implementation of reform in some departments and places. The mediocre and lazy behavior of not acting for the officials, perfunctory, lax and lax, and large-scale work, prevaricating, delaying coping, making small calculations and thinking carefully will all delay the opportunity of reform and are the enemies of deepening reform in an all-round way. Xi Jinping pointed out at the 10th meeting of the Central Committee’s deep restructuring: “We should scientifically co-ordinate all reform tasks, coordinate and grasp the reform measures of the Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC, promote reform under the rule of law, improve the rule of law in reform, highlight key points, focus on the focal distance, identify acupoints, hit the key points, and launch a number of hard tips that can be heard, stand firm and approved by the masses, and handle them well.” Reform the relationship between the first kilometer and the last kilometer, break through the obstruction in the middle, prevent inaction, and fully demonstrate the gold content of the reform plan, so as to give the people more sense of gain.

IV. Implementing

“For the sake of administration, rule by practice, rule by writing.” The way to reform lies in its implementation. Implementation is the end result of all reform work and the key to success or failure of all reform. Without action and implementation, the best blueprint is a dead letter. At the 33rd meeting of the Central Committee’s deep restructuring, it was pointed out that “implementation should be emphasized, difficulties in implementation should be coordinated and solved, the landing situation of major reforms should be known in time, joint should be opened, blockade should be dredged and resistance should be eliminated.”

Work hard and overcome difficulties.The more forward the reform, the more new situations and problems, the more risks and challenges, and the more unpredictable things. It is impossible to win the initiative in the reform without courage to face difficulties and be fearless. Xi Jinping pointed out: “Reform is in the ascendant and implementation is difficult. The heavier the task and the greater the difficulties, the more difficult we are to advance and meet them.” The main comrades in charge should strengthen their confidence and determination in reform, strengthen their ideological and operational awareness in promoting reform, be reform promoters and reform practitioners, grasp the implementation of reform in a nail spirit, twist the key points and make precise efforts, dare to bite the hard bone, keep an eye on grasping and repeatedly grasping until the results are achieved. Xi Jinping pointed out that “reform is a revolution, and we must have perseverance, to really promote implementation, to seek practical results.”

“Three inspectors and three inspectors”, strict accountability.The main responsible comrades should not only supervise their tasks, progress and effectiveness, but also their understanding, responsibility and style of work so as to ensure that the direction of reform is not deviated and the task of reform is not lost. At the 21st Meeting of the Central Committee’s deep restructuring, it was pointed out that “those who perfunctorily obstruct their responsibilities, delay their wrangling and repeatedly fail to push them forward should be held accountable if they do not pay enough attention to them, do little research and are weak in their implementation.” “Attention should be paid to the application of the results of supervision. Lists, clear responsibilities, time limits, and corrections should be made when problems are found.” Xi Jinping pointed out that “special supervision forces should be deployed and strengthened to carry out the supervision of the implementation of major reform programs, so that where the reform advances, the supervision will follow up.”

The sea crosses, showing the true character of a hero. In order to deepen the reform in an all-round way, the principal responsible persons should act personally and take responsibility bravely; they should be well-planned and precise. Xi Jinping pointed out that “Party committees and governments at all levels and leading cadres at all levels should put themselves in the forefront of reform to think about, discuss and grasp reform, and strive to be the pioneer of middle-class reform.”


 Source: Learning from China