corporate culture

corporate culture

Blackcat Inc. has been developing for more than 20 years, and its production bases are all over the country. Our employees come from all over the world with different characteristics, different ideas, different family background, education background, different thinking modes and working methods, but when we come to the company, we all strive for the common goal. The following is the company’s new core corporate culture concepts, which are extracted from the development process, industry trends, management decisions and other information. We hope to reach a consensus with every employee in order to form a strong cohesion and promote the rapid development of the enterprise.


Build a respected 100-year enterprise and become the world’s leading carbon black manufacturer

With the goal of building a strong enterprise for one hundred years, the company takes the road of sustainable development. Through the global layout and integration of market, research and development, capital and talent, it continuously strives to become a leading carbon black manufacturer in the world by improving its comprehensive competitive strength.

Core values

People-oriented, Return to Society and Multi-dimensional Win-win

Man is the foundation of the company’s survival and development, and the key factor to build a century-old base industry. To build a harmonious enterprise, let employees share the company’s development achievements, and realize the common growth of workers and enterprises. The company pursues the concept of “how big an enterprise is, how big is its social responsibility”. The company actively participates in public welfare undertakings and fulfills its corporate citizenship responsibilities.

Enterprise spirit

Dedication, Duty, Diligence, Innovation, Excellence and Pursuit of Excellence

Enterprise reform and innovation continue to achieve new goals; enterprise core competitiveness continues to be improved; enterprise internal control management continues to create new levels; enterprise brand building continues to reach a new level; enterprise culture construction continues to inject new vitality.