Wang Yao

Secretary of the Party Committee of Black Cat Group, 

Chairman of the Board of Directors,  

Chairman of Black Cat Carbon black

Through 20 years’ hard work, Blackcat Inc. experienced the changes from small scale to large one, from weak strength to strong one, walked out a healthy&rapid development’s road. The company has become China’s large carbon black manufacturing enterprise, whose comprehensive competition strength constantly maintains industry leading position.

Looking backward, the company appreciated the society. The company’s development come from the support of leaders at all levels, from the favor of all walks of life, from the visionary, professional and constantly striving team built up in the process of development.

Looking forward to the future, we are confident to forge ahead. Standing at a new historical starting point, putting as its strategical goal “establish BLACKCAT’s credit in world market, and build up BLACKCAT a world’s leading carbon materials manufacturer”, Blackcat Inc. will constantly enhance its core competitive power by industry consolidation, technology innovation, energy saving, and brand management, to realize the sustainable development with higher quality, and make better rewards to its shareholders, employees and the society.