Black cat shares launched party history learning and education activities

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On April 19, around the requirements of the party history learning and education activities of the Central Committee, the provincial Party committee, the municipal Party committee, the Municipal State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and the group Party committee, the Party committee of black cat organized party members to come to the revolutionary land memorial tower and the patriotism education base in Hetang township to carry out on-site teaching and learning activities of red revolutionary tradition, Learning from the advanced deeds of Hetang wasteland reclamation people who overcame difficulties to build mountainous areas more than 60 years ago, he taught the party members a vivid course of "Hetang spirit".


In front of the revolutionary martyrs' memorial tower, all the party members lined up and slowly climbed onto the square of the revolutionary martyrs' memorial tower. Then they stood in silence and bowed three times.



Under the leadership of Mei Jing, deputy secretary of the general Party branch of black cat Co., Ltd., all the party members solemnly raised their right hands and faced the party flag to review the oath of joining the party with a full and loud voice.


Then, we came to the Hetang spirit education museum to listen to the explanation carefully and learn more about the red memory of Hetang and the advanced deeds of the farmers. The party members stopped in front of each picture, thought about each story, and truly felt the revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary ancestors in pursuit of ideals, going forward one after another and fearing no sacrifice.


In the screening hall, watching "into the lotus pond" educational film, the picture records the hard years. After the education film, Mei Jing concluded that we should integrate the lotus pond spirit of self-reliance, hard struggle and pioneering spirit into our work, and promote the high-quality development of black cat. Then, Mei Jing presided over the mobilization meeting for the company to carry out party history learning and education. The meeting made an important explanation on the overall goal, learning requirements, learning content and learning focus.


Through this activity, all Party members have been deeply educated in party history and patriotism. It is a spiritual baptism of ideals and beliefs. It reminds us that in our future work and life, we should never forget our original intention, always remember our mission, carry forward the spirit of revolutionary martyrs, carry forward the fine tradition, consciously play the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, and better base ourselves on our own work, Contribute the strength of "black cat" to depict the new picture of Jiangxi and Jingdezhen's reform and development in the new era