Handan Black Cat launches the theme party day of “resolutely, comprehensively and thoroughly eliminate the residual poisons of the Surong case”

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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of documents related to “resolutely and thoroughly eliminate the residual poisons of the Surong case”, enhance the political literacy of Party members and cadres, and create a good political atmosphere for enterprises, the Black Cat Party Branch of Handan organized Party members and cadres to watch the documentary “Mountain and Water Show for Political Ecology” at 11 a.m. on October 26. The warning education film deeply analyzed the typical cases of serious violations of discipline and law by very few leading cadres, and disclosed the details of their violations of discipline and law, such as corruption, bribery, superstition, corruption and degeneration of life. When these former leading cadres analyzed the causes of their corruption, they burst into tears, regretted too much, made people alert and think deeply, and Party members and cadres were deeply baptized. In the process of talking about their experience, they expressed that they should take precautions to strengthen the consciousness of the red line.

This theme party day has strengthened the education of clean government and achieved good results.