Jining Black Cat Party Branch organizes the Second Life Meeting in 2018

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Meeting time: 22 October 2018

Venue: Conference Room on the 2nd floor of Executive Building

Host: Cheng Wenhui

Attendants: Xia Jun, Cao Huibin, Zhang Qingrui, Yu Jianguo, Gao Chenglei, Xi Yijuan, Shen Lei and Cheng Wenhui

Members of the team

Absent person:

Topics: Second Organizational Life Meeting in 2018

Speech by Cheng Wenhui: Comrades, members of the Party here:

Good afternoon, everyone! Today, we hold the second organizational life meeting of Jining Black Cat Party Branch in 2018. Jining Black Cat Party Branch resolutely and thoroughly cleans up the remaining poisons of Surong case and continuously builds a clean atmosphere and positive political ecology. The special democratic life meeting and organizational life meeting can play the role of self-reflection and self-summary. The second is to work for the next quarter and set goals.

At the organizational life meeting held in the conference room on the second floor of Jining Black Cat Party Branch, the meeting began to learn the document spirit of “resolutely, thoroughly and thoroughly eliminate the residual poisons of Surong case and continuously build a clean atmosphere and a healthy political ecology” and the opinions on resolutely, thoroughly and thoroughly eliminate the residual poisons of Surong case and continuously build a clean atmosphere and a healthy political ecology”. Part spirit.

By watching the video “Always on the Road” episode IV, the video material about Su Rong’s case in Jizhuo Yangqingzhong, the Party members and cadres present have a deeper understanding of the performance of the residual poisons of “Su Rong Yu’s poisoning case”.

Cheng Wenhui, Deputy Secretary of the Party branch, took the lead in briefing the preparations for the special democratic life meeting at the meeting, and made a comparative inspection report on behalf of the Party branch. Subsequently, the members of the team and the members of the Party present carried out individual party analysis one after another, criticizing and self-criticizing their own problems in ideology, style and work, and deeply analyzed their own problems.

Cao Huibin: We still don’t pay enough attention to our study, and our theoretical level is not high enough. Sometimes we are only busy with some specific work, and we don’t have enough time to study consciously and actively. Improvement goal: Strengthen theoretical study and strive to read useful books for half an hour every day.

Gao Chenglei: I don’t want to approach the leader on my own initiative. Because of my inactive approach, it is difficult for the leader to understand me. He has strong self-esteem and weak self-confidence. The goal of improvement is to seize the time and not let go of any learning opportunities.

Yu Jianguo: Through learning “two learning and one doing” activities, I did gain a lot, but there are also shortcomings.

1. Ininitiative in learning, lack of awareness of Party members, and sense of purpose.

2. The degree of emancipation in mind is still insufficient and lack of innovative consciousness.

3. Still not enough enthusiasm for work

Improvement goal: Strengthen political learning and boldly pass on new ideas.

Finally, Cheng Wenhui combines the opinions and suggestions of all Party members, and members of the branch committee team dare to seriously analyze their ideological weaknesses and shortcomings in their work. Conduct criticism and self-criticism, confirm the rectification direction of future work, find out their shortcomings and responsibilities from the problems found in the work, set the direction for the excellent completion of their work tasks, add platforms for tacit cooperation between the company departments, and add bricks and tiles to ensure the production task of Jining Black Cat in 2018.

The meeting is over.