Party Day Activities of the Black Cat Party Branch of Jining in October 2018

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Meeting time: 12 October 2018

Venue of the meeting: Conference Room on the second floor

Host: Cheng Wenhui

Attendants: Cheng Wenhui, Xia Jun, Cao Huibin, Zhang Qingrui, Yu Jianguo, Gao Chenglei, Shen Lei and Sui Zhihua.

Participants: Active Party Members

Absent persons: none

Topics of the meeting: 1. Watch the honesty education film -“Always on the Road”

On October 12, 2018, Jining Black Cat Party Branch organized all members of the Party to watch the honesty education film “Forever on the Road” the fourth episode “Sword Out of Sheath”

Cheng Wenhui spoke: The fourth episode of the TV feature film “Always on the Road” The Sword Out of Sheath, through the “Big Tiger” and typical cases discovered by the central inspection teams such as Su Rong and Shanxi collapse mode corruption, shows the power of inspection. It must be pointed out that the inspection of this sword started from anti-corruption, but not from anti-corruption.

Anti-corruption is an important purpose and grasp of inspection, but not all of it. Starting from the eighth round of inspection by the Central Committee, the inspection has gone from focusing on the construction of a clean and honest Party style and the struggle against corruption to focusing on the overall and strict administration of the Party. In addition to anti-corruption, comprehensive and strict governance of the Party includes discipline, style of work and selection and employment. It is essential to solve the problems of leniency, laxity and softness in Party governance. Not long ago, the Commission for Discipline and Discipline of China announced the feedback of the 10th round of the 18th Central Committee’s inspection. The phenomenon of illegal subsidies, public funds tourism and private use of buses is still prohibited. The inspected departments still have a long way to go from the central government’s requirement of strictly administering the Party in an all-round way in carrying out the main responsibility, strengthening the Party’s construction and stricter organizational discipline.

It is important to punish very few, but it is equally important for Party members and cadres to strengthen discipline. Only comprehensive and strict administration of the Party is fundamental. To normalize and institutionalize inspections is to bring every Party member into the scope of strict control of the Party, which is the greatest significance of inspecting this sword out of sheath.