Congratulations on the success of black cat's new product promotion conference

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On April 20-21, the world's largest rubber industry conference "the 16th China Rubber Annual Conference (crc2021)" was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Black cat successfully held a new product promotion conference with the theme of "green, innovation, leading". Under the witness of colleagues in the rubber tire industry, the company demonstrated the product performance and broad market prospects of the newly developed green carbon black products - low lag series carbon black, high dispersion silica and modified series carbon black.


All the new products launched by black cat Co., Ltd. are based on the goal of "environmental protection and sustainable development". The company adheres to "do a good job of carbon peak, carbon neutralization" as one of the key tasks, according to the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction to research and develop new products, boost the high-quality development of the industry.


At the promotion meeting, he Zonglin, the company's development director, focused on the application scope and application prospect of the newly developed low lag carbon black series products mh168, mh169, mh363, mh865, white carbon black hm6515, hm6517, modified carbon black G10, W31, L21. These products can reduce the rolling resistance and carbon dioxide emissions to varying degrees, On the spot, we answered the questions of technical personnel and media reporters on the product characteristics and future development of the new product, and comprehensively interpreted the excellent high-end application performance of the product.


By using these special products, the total rolling resistance of tires can be improved by 10%, which means that a truck can save 1.3L fuel per 100km and a car can save 0.08l fuel per 100km; The CO2 / emission of 35g / km and 2G / km can be reduced respectively.



Wei Ming, general manager of black cat Co., Ltd., said at the promotion meeting: black cat Co., Ltd. is actively committed to building a "world-class leading professional chemical manufacturing enterprise" with leading efficiency, resource conservation, energy conservation and environmental protection, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of products under the vicious competition of homogeneous products in the existing industry, creating greater value for customers and making greater contributions to the society, Set a benchmark for China's carbon black industry.